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Electromechanical Projects

Electromechanical Projects

Electromechanical Projects

Testing and Balancing

  • Zone by zone testing pipe pressures with greater than operation pressure by pressure test pump and gauge assembly.
  • Section by section duct air leakage test by high beam torch at night or smoke test.
  • Cleaning any burrs and dust from pipes and ducts and also equipment parts such as filters, panels. Etc.
  • Electrical wiring connection, phases change, amperes, volts, checks for all electrically driven equipment.

  • Insulation, cladding, flexible duct, flexible connector, piping valves connection, gauges connections. pipe to pipe connections insulation tighten, cladding works, foster clothing works, etc checking.
  • Starting the system equipment one by one, balancing on water circulation through the systems, air balancing by VCDs. Etc.
  • Checking the pump system connecting the water than to the chilled water piping and in cade of chemical dosing presence in the systems-checking the chemicals ratio and presence plus the piping pconnection between chemical dosing tank and the chilled water system.
  • Handover or commissioning of the system.


Manufacturing and Assembling

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